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We at Altalbia Recruitment are proud to provide high-quality recruitment services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With years of experience and professionalism, we always strive to meet the needs of our customers by providing the best solutions in recruiting domestic workers. Altalbia Recruitment facilitates all procedures and provides high guarantees to all parties, which makes us your reliable partner in meeting your labor needs. We are here to serve you and provide the necessary support, so do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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Our Services

At Altalbia Recruitment, we care about meeting clients’ needs efficiently and professionally. We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of individuals and companies alike.

Individuals Services

We are a specialized recruitment office that excels in quality and professionalism in selecting the ideal domestic worker for you. Whether you need a housemaid, nanny, or cook, we provide our services with the highest quality. We offer options from all available nationalities and we follow up and certify all papers and contracts. We also facilitate all legal procedures to ensure your comfort and safety.

Continuous support and comprehensive development

We are committed to providing continuous follow-up of customer needs and ensuring their complete satisfaction. We are constantly developing our services in accordance with the requirements and changes of the work system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our goal is to provide the best solutions and provide effective and fast support to every customer.

Integrated digital recruitment services

We provide you with services to recruit domestic workers according to international quality standards. We understand the importance of technology and digitalization in modern recruitment processes, and therefore we provide our services in integrated and simple digital ways that separate you from recruiting the domestic workers you need.

Exceptional customer

At Talbieh Recruitment, we put customer service at the heart of our priorities. Our customer service team is with you step by step from the beginning of the request to recruit domestic workers until the workers arrive at your homes. We strive to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for our customers.

Our Advantages

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Experience in the field of recruitment

We take pride in our extensive experience in the field of recruiting domestic and professional workers. Count on us to meet your needs with professionalism and high quality.

Diversity in selecting competencies

We offer a variety of domestic and professional workers of different nationalities, allowing you to choose the labor that precisely suits your needs.

Facilitating legal procedures

We facilitate all legal procedures related to recruitment, saving you time and effort in dealing with papers and licenses.

Quality assurance

We care about the quality of the labor we provide and ensure our customers' satisfaction by guaranteeing services for a certain period.

Custom solutions

We understand that every customer has unique needs, which is why we provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

Continuous development

We always strive to improve our services and adapt to market changes and customer requirements to ensure we always provide the best.


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Recruitment Countries

You can choose the country from which the recruitment process takes place


Kenya is a distinguished recruitment destination to benefit from the services of drivers and domestic workers. Kenyan workers have experience and competence in multiple fields.


The Philippines is a distinguished recruitment destination for domestic and professional workers. Filipinos are well-skilled and trained in areas such as care and cooking.


Bangladesh is an excellent destination for recruitment in the field of domestic services. Bangladeshi workers are often hardworking and dedicated to their work.


India is an important source of recruitment for a wide range of specialties and professions. Indian workers are multi-skilled and well-educated in a variety of fields.


Uganda is a distinguished recruitment destination for domestic and professional workers. Ugandan workers are often professional and technically skilled.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a distinguished destination for recruitment in the field of domestic services. Sri Lankan workers are distinguished by their professionalism and technical skills.

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Assistance in finalizing legal and administrative procedures.

Worker selection

Selecting the worker through his CV.

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Ease of paying recruitment fees through the portals.

Workers arrive

Workers reach the airport easily.

Receiving labor

Receiving workers at the Altalbia Recruitment Office

3 months warranty

3 months warranty for service safety.


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